Argumentative Essay: Should National Parks Be Allowed?

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National parks are a place where people can go enjoy nature at its most natural state. Many other “natural” things in the world have been mutated, or have been changed to make it more beautiful and more appealing to people. However, a National Park is something that has been around most likely for years and should not changed but instead preserved so that years into the future people can still enjoy its natural look. “Congress decreed that 2.2 million acres be reserved and withdrawn… dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people”(Layzer, 279). National parks were for people to enjoy in a way that is enjoying to them. So then why is there this debate about if snowmobiles should be allowed?…show more content…
Just like in the spotted owl case, environmentalists were looking out for the good of the owl, while the other group was worried about making the money off the land. Layzer states:“ Both sides claim to appreciate the amenities nature provides wildlife scenic beauty, and open space, but their values are actually quite different” (Layzer, 276). With the chapter from Lazyer it makes you realize that as humans we all have different definitions of enjoyment and how we want to spend our time. Some people want to save the natural parks and keep them in their most natural state. While others want to use it in a way that makes it enjoyable to them, which might be using national parks like Yellow Stone for snowmobiling. I have been to Yellowstone and while I am not a huge outdoors person being at the top and looking down it is an amazing view, and I cannot imagine see that ruined. The debate about national parks is a trivial one because there is no right or wrong answer to the debate. Do you preserve it so it will always be in it natural beautiful state, or do you use it and enjoy it now for the activities you want to and not worry about what negative affects it will cause? How do you decide which side is right and which is wrong? Layzer quotes former NPS Director George Hartzog: “What are the parks for”? A

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