Effects Of Nuclear Weapons Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay The nuclear weapons are the inventions of human beings. They are the most destructive devices ever invented in the history. They were created for the defense purposes but instead they create a sense of unsafety. The nuclear blasts occur and release an immense energy which is fatal to human life. In the modern era every country wants to be strong and powerful in politics, economy, defense. The countries with nuclear power consider them superior to others as they have great disastrous weapons. Nowadays North Korea is in the limelight on its path of becoming a nuclear power. It has been seen that U.S has always opposed every country developing the nuclear weapons. U.S considers itself…show more content…
U.S is trying every possible method to stop North Korea but in vain. U.S talks about the world peace and a safe, secure future. So it opposes every country trying to achieve nuclear power instead U.S itself has violated the human rights and showed a cruel and unfair show of power during World War 2 by bombarding the two cities of Japan i.e Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing over hundreds of thousands of people. At this time the president of U.S Trump is cold calling North Korea to stop its nuclear programs and threatening to destroy its nuclear weapons. Here the questions arise that are these threats real and are we standing on the verge of a nuclear war? In reality, these just are empty and hollow threats and Trump is trying to pressurize North Korea so that it may dissemble its nukes. Though Trump is very aggressive in this matter and is threatening North Korea of a nuclear war but to start a World War 3 isn't that easy as Trump wouldn't want to create Nuclear Winter in the world, wouldn't want to engage so many nuclear arsenals and wouldn't want to decrease America's economy. Moreover, North Korea doesn't have the required long-range
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