Argumentative Essay: Should People Have Pitbulls?

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Allowing people to have pit bulls in their own care is question for many (Time). People should be able to own a pitbull for many reasons. Pit bulls are great dogs because they are good with most people, especially children. They are very obedient and some respond to commands if told to do so. They are also very helpful at times and easy to train. Owning a pitbull is smart move because they are good with people and children, obedient, and easy to train. The dogs are just so great with people depending on how they are raised and trained. The way humans behave is what leads up to “companion animal attacks” (Time). People are able to have good relationships with pit bulls though. Children are really able to open up and share their emotions with with the dogs and pet them for affection and touch (Melanie). “The children also read to the dogs and become stronger readers” says Melanie (Melanie). They can be loving animals and it's great if you get to have that relationship with them. They are very brave, smart, and loyal dogs so they will be very obedient towards their owner (Palmer). Pit bulls are always ready for something to do with themselfs. It takes daily effort and commitment to have the outcome of pleasing behavior (Time). Pits will be …show more content…

From a movie it was stated “Good dragons under control of bad people do bad things” (Time). That is the same thing for pit bulls they just need to be trained the right way. Being trained properly is what causes them to be so great with children (Melanie). People say that “pain and fear” are the two main causes of pit bulls attacking and biting (Time). Some have heard of pit bulls that are “as gentle as lambs” and that just shows how easy they would be to work with. Anytime they do act violent or show signs of agression, do not act out the same behavior towards them (Palmer). It just takes patience and care to properly train a

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