Argumentative Essay: Should Police Officers Use Selective Force

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Flooding social media and America television numerous amount of American are being killed by the hands of police. All of these unarmed killing made American furious and started a nationwide protest. From a seven-year-old girl name Aiyana Jones from Detroit, Michigan to a sixty-eight-year-old name Kenneth Chamberlain from White Plains, New York. Both was killed by hands of police both Aiyana jones and Kenneth Chamberlain was killed inside their home by police. American question why does officers use lethal force when they have Taser gun, pepper spray, and a knight stick. No one will ever know what is going on in officer head during a call, this is where police training is extremely important because one wrong choice can cause someone to lose…show more content…
Police officers go through many different training events that put them in numerous amounts of different scenario. One of the scenario is should the officer use lethal force or not. However not every situation is different but does not require the office to use lethal force from the start. Office may have a knight stick or a Taser gun and officer should know when to use each individual item of equipment. In 2002, a Madera California police officer made a mistake between her gun and her Taser which lead to the death of a Twenty-four-year-old Everardo Torres. This is why office need to train so that mistakes like this will never happen again. Officers should also know when they received enough evidence to arrest someone for the crime the individual have committed. In the summer or 2016 a video flooded the social media and the television, showing Charles Kinsey being shot in the leg while trying to help 23-year-old patient who ran away from his group home. Charles Kinsey was shot in his leg while lying on his back with his hands in the air, reports say when Charles asked the office why he shot him the office said he do not know
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