Argumentative Essay: Should Police Use Body Cameras?

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All around there are police departments that are starting to use body cameras. The departments that are starting to use these body cameras are showing benefits of using of them. They are not cheap but there are funds that are helping them buy these cameras. The body cameras also are providing a better understanding of all events when they happen. The use of these body cameras have brought out many benefits in using them, but there are also downsides to using them. The downsides are that they are not cheap to buy and the storage for the data that is recorded is filling up fast and there is a constant need for more storage. “The department has four of them, each costing about $350” “The recordings are deleted to make room for new videos” (Hall). On duty police should use the body cameras because there will be a better understanding of any events or incidents and less …show more content…

“I don’t agree neither with the cameras” (Herrera 1). Although there are many people who agree with this idea of the body cameras there are those who do not like this person from the article. “I would be more comfortable if the cameras were used during my arrest” (Herrera 1). As you have read, there are those that agree and disagree. There are a lot more people however that agree then those who do not agree, but there are going to be more cameras used because they are having a positive effect throughout the test they have been running. As Greg Bito from South, Miami said “I have nothing to hide. Turn the cameras on!” has the point that the person agree with the use of the body cameras. Even though Greg has nothing to hide, there are those who do and Greg wants to make it clear to the police of what happens and the person to be honest. There are those who agree and those who do not agree, but there are more people who agree with this idea then those who do

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