Argumentative Essay: Should Public Colleges Taken Away?

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To most people the college they attend is very important. Whether it is for family reasons, financial reasons, or maybe it is just a college they are most interested in. What if the large selection of public colleges were taken away? The central issue in this paper is that public colleges should only have specific majors that will help students in the future (business, medicine..ect), while private colleges should only have broader majors in fine arts. Public colleges should offer courses in fine arts as well because, the enrollment of students will increase, students will have a fair choice at what school they want to attend without a limited selection, and it will be a better experience. If public colleges offer majors in fine arts, the…show more content…
Private colleges often cost nine to ten times more than public colleges do ( For a year of classes, public tuition is approximately $3,500 for a full load of classes. Semester and…show more content…
It is easier to get in public colleges than private colleges as well especially if the student is a resident of the state the college is in. Sometimes public colleges have programs that automatically accept transfer students that have completed a certain level of outside credits in a different state college. Students who do not get high enough grades or meet the requirements to get into a private college will have a much easier time attending a public university ( Being in private college requires a demanding schedule. If that student plans on being in extracurricular activities, having a job, and having a social life, it is close to impossible. His or hers priorities will change dramatically. While as in Public colleges you can have a flex schedule or even go online or at night ( Students will have a fair and lengthy choice of what school they would like to attend. Some students have specific public colleges they would like to attend. If private colleges were to be the only colleges to have that specific major it wouldn’t be fair. Some
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