Argumentative Essay: Should School Be Later To School?

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For many children, one of the biggest struggles that occur when going to school, is getting up early and making it to school on time. Many kids wish for “just five more minutes” to sleep in before having to get ready for school. Because of this, one main topic in education today, is whether the start time of schools should be later. While starting school an hour later might have its downfalls, the strengths, and advantages it would provide students with, outweighs the disadvantages. One struggle for students of all ages, is the fight to wake up, and stay awake through the whole day. Many students are late to school because they woke up late, or if they are on time, are ready for a nap an hour into class. Having a later start time would give…show more content…
While I can see their point, this problem could have a solution that not only would help athletes, but other students as well. To eliminate athletes having to stay out super late and practice in the dark, the last class of every day could be a sports period. For those who aren’t in sports, it can be used for different clubs to meet and talk, and as a study time for those students who need extra help in their classes. With this, the sports teams would be having their practices at around the same time they normally would, just during the school day. For middle school sports, this period could help reduce the need for weekend practices. If school is ending later than normal, then this would mean that those athletes would be getting home at an even earlier time than they would with regular sports practices. What time schools should start, is a huge topic discussed in education today. Many believe that schools should start later than they do now. If they did, students would be able to get more rest, parents would be able to be home to get their children off the bus, and athletes would be able to be home earlier than they already are. While there may be valid arguments against it, the results of starting later can be beneficial to not only students, but their families as
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