Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Be Paid?

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Intro paragraph For years, schools around the country pay more bills for sports, than academic activities. Many studies show that spending too much money on sports can put schools in debt. Therefore, school sports should be banned to receive more money for academic activities, give students more time for homework and studying, and students failing grades.

Body paragraph #1 Many citizens of America know that nothing important comes free, especially education. According to Ripley, her text says “ Superintendent Ernest Singleton made a bold decision: he canceled sports, all of them (10). “ By suspending sports, he realized the district could save $150,000 in one year”said Ripley (10). This means that schools lose money for something kids can do outside of their schools. This should be a reminder of how schools could save money and have their students be more involved. Body paragraph #2 As well as money, time is an important factor to be successful. Premont Independent school district shut down its sports to save money, According to Ripley,” there was all this extra time” said Nathan a former Premont Quarterback (10).” About 160 people attended parent-teacher night compared, with six the year before,” said Ripley (10). This proves that Students are getting homework done and
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According to Ripley,”You never got behind on your work”said Nathan a premont quarterback”(10). Premont independent school district shut down its sports program Therefore “That first semester, 80 percent of students passed their classes, compared with 50 percent the previous fall”, said Ripley(10).Therefore Because athletics is canceled kids are doing homework, passing classes, and overall getting good grades.With this information we can infer that when athletics was around kids were not passing and getting failing
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