Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Get Paid?

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Schools are debating on whether or not to take away sports. Students are constantly getting serious injuries from playing them. Therefore, recreational exercise should be eliminated because they cost too much , students will have better grades, and schools are being distracted by sports and are not focusing on education.

Schools are spending great deals of money on new equipment for sports and they don’t realize how much cash they are actually spending. According to Amanda Ripley in her article “Should Your School Get Rid of Sports?” She said “New bleachers can cost half a million dollars” (10). “That first semester, 80 percent of students passed their classes, compared with 50 percent the previous fall” (Ripley 10). This information represents
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According to Jenny, who moved from Korea to the United States, “Sports are a big deal here” (10). Amanda Ripley adds that at Shawnee high school in Korea “If they were in the local newspaper, it was because of their academic achievements, not because they won a game” (10). This evidence obviously proves that the U.S really does differ from other countries ideas on education. Academies need to focus more on how much the U.S is different from other countries educationally. There are multiple reasons of why school sports should be abolished; the more noticeable reasons are because pupils do not get enough sleep, athletics cost way too much for schools, and students will have better grades.There can’t be any disagreeing any more, sports are causing massive costs for academies and getting in the way of crucial sleeping time for kids.Therefore, schools need to prohibit sports because of complications like very high costs and plummeting
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