Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Have A Later Start?

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Do you often see students yawn and lay their heads on their desk during the day? It has come to my attention that many people think our school shouldn’t start later. A reason for this is because it will interfere with transportation to get to school. However, I believe that having a later start for school outweigh the cons, and that it will benefit the students and teachers. Schools should have a later start because students will do better in school, more sleep will help their health and memory, and kids aren’t getting enough sleep. If schools had a later start, then kids would do better in school. According to “Junior Scholastic” kids do better in school with later starting times. “Junior Scholastic” states, “Studies show that well-rested…show more content…
The bus schedules could really just be pushed back and hour or however much you push back the school start, so transportation isn’t really a problem. According to “Junior Scholastic” kids bodies don’t work in a way that lets them go to sleep early. The article states, “It’s not that simple, says Danny Lewin, a sleep specialist at Children’s National Health System in Washington D.C. ‘Adolescents have a deeply programed biological [clock] to go to bed later and wake later,’ he tells JS. ‘As kids get older, their sleep-wake cycle shifts so it’s difficult for them to turn in before 11p.m. Teens are wired to be night owls,’ he says,”(20). To add on to this, teens can’t just go to bed earlier because their brain won’t let them. Even though people think that bus schedules may be a problem and that kids should just go to bed earlier, buses can switch around their schedules and kids aren’t able to go to bed early very easily, so schools should still have a later start. When the pros and cons are weighed, the conclusion is obvious. Since kids will do better in school, more sleep will help their health and memory, and students aren’t getting enough sleep, schools should have a later start to the day. I am confident that with a later school start our students, teachers, and schools will be much better
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