Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Have Locker Searche?

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Although having the freedom to put any belonging in lockers, it would be an advantage to have locker searches. If there was an adolescent that was putting certain possessions of theirs that were horrific to be on a school campus then there would be nothing you could do unless they had locker searchers. If there were a fellow student that had a firearm in their locker, would it be essential that administrators search the lockers in order to diffuse a dangerous encounter that takes the lives of students? An important reason that the majority of schools should have locker searches every other month is that there would probably be reduced violence at schools than there is now. If someone may of appropriated something the staff has been looking for, then the searchers would find what they have been unaccounted for. Knowing that…show more content…
Each day forty students either are hurt or killed by firearms. The perpetrator probably hid the firearm in their locker to then pull it out and start to fire. Locker searches reduce the majority of adolescents that store drugs, stolen items, or any material that shouldn’t be on school property. When there is something that catches the eyes of people such as a fashionable jacket, then an adolescent could steal it. Locker searches are another avenue to find stolen property. There are plenty pros to having locker searches now let observe the cons that are not satisfying. It is not private to have people search lockers at school. They think that only school locker searches need to happen to students that have horrifying school records. They might just keep the firearm on them contrary of bothering with putting them in their lockers. If they steal something that belong to a fellow student they would keep it on their person than put it in their locker. Some may think that there will be an embarrassment with locker searches like love letters or
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