Argumentative Essay: Should Sharks Be Protected?

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In the eyes of society and the public, sharks are viewed as ruthless killers Millions upon millions are killed every year, and fear is a major contributor. The reality is that sharks are very complex creatures, and should be treated as such. They are an intricate part of the ocean’s ecosystem and the ecosystem would be completely thrown off without them. We need to realize that these creatures are invaluable, and that we must conserve these animals. If we do not realize this reality, we could lose sharks forever. A monumental reason why I believe that sharks should be protected is because when they attack, it is often a product of mistaken identity. Sharks use electromagnetic pulses to track down prey, therefore their eyesight suffers to a degree. Surfers often resemble seals from the depths of the water. Sharks use their pulses to strike what…show more content…
As of now, there is an average of sixteen shark attacks a year. If sharks were truly hunting humans, that number would be much higher than it is. Only about 4 shark attacks are fatal a year, and that number is because one bite from a shark is more than enough to kill somebody. Even a investigatory bite can be enough for a human to suffer massive blood loss, simply because a shark’s mouth size and bite force creates a devastating attack. Sharks are truly not trying to kill humans, and if they were every shark attack would be fatal. Another reason why sharks should be preserved is because they play a crucial role in the ecosystem in the ocean .There are many species of sharks throughout the ocean, and these sharks feed on a very diverse diet throughout the ocean. Sharks can feed on large game like seals, sea turtles and whales, depending on their size. Smaller sharks feed on things like small fish, crustaceans, and even other sharks. This ensures that none of the species in the ocean become too

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