Argumentative Essay: Should Social Security Be Paid?

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In recent discussions of Social Security, a controversial issue has been whether it should affect all wages. On one hand, some argue that it should. From this perspective, Social Security funds the elderly and disabled; the ones who can use economic assistance. In the words of one of this view 's main supporters, “Social Security Benefits keep more than 21 million seniors out of poverty each year. Social Security provides the majority of cash income for almost two thirds of the elderly.”(Brown, Dorothy) According to this view, Social Security is an entirely significant program, which needs to continue to be funded. On the other hand however, others argue that not all who pay into Social Security use it and therefore should get a choice in paying the tax.…show more content…
My own view is that Social Security should in fact be a required tax. Though I concede that not everyone benefits from paying in, I still maintain that it is each generation 's duty to uphold the wellness of their predecessors. For example, the Baby Boomers at this point have spent their lives working and trying to give a good life to their families, but are now retiring. It is up to the younger generations to give back and allow the Boomers an equally substantial

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