Argumentative Essay: Should Sports Be Paid?

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Parents and schools are concerned if they should let sports stay. Many essays clearly state that sports can cause issues. Therefore, schools should not have athletics because it can cause sleeping problems, make children's grades drop, and it costs a huge load of money to keep a child in sports.

Many schools know sports can cause academic failures. According to the Scholastic scope article , Amanda Ripley states that having sports do cause “academic failures” to these students (10). The article also expresses that these athletics do cost millions dollars and since schools pay tons of money for the sports they don't have the funds for in class activities (10). In my opinion schools should not have sports because it costs too much money. Schools can become better financially, without sports.
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In Ripley’s sports article she specifically explains that schools could save “150,000 dollars a year” (11). She also states that grass fields cost 20,000 dollars a year. (Amanda Ripley,11). all of this money could be giving teachers higher wages so they have more teachers to teach these children, isn't school supposed to be about learning? Many of these schools should not have sports because of the reasons just stated.

If children are tired during the school day how are they able to work. According to Tim O’shei “You’re exhausted, but you won't be able to sleep -you’re too jittery” this is showing that after games you won't be able to sleep for big tests (12). “You’re fingers tap the desk, and you’re mind races about what will happen if you fail” this states that because they went to the game instead of studying they are procrastinating themselves. This factual evidence is showing that because of the late night games it can cause these people to fail courses. All of these statements are correct because I did lots of sports and it would effect my grades in
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