Argumentative Essay: Should Students Go To College

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Why Students Should Not Go to College The progression from high school to college is one that requires maturity, independence, and responsibility. While there are ways to help prepare for it, such as getting a part-time job or internship, touring the campus and nearby towns, and planning long-term finances, the drastic changes in a lifestyle of dependence to one of independence that students are forced to go through can be shocking. Because college focuses on highly specialized training for jobs that will inevitably be monotonous and low-paying, and because it drains money from young adults who have little to no source of income, students should consider alternative options after high school. Colleges stress the importance of a higher level…show more content…
These include vocational school, community college or online courses, and the military. Students who go into the military subsequently receive free college tuition at the university of their choice, and students who go to an alternative school can learn a trade, get a general education, or work while taking classes. These options are usually cheaper and still provide a stable source of income in the future, as well as possible career paths; however, many people ignore them because of the negative connotations that surround them. This elitism which is instilled in high schoolers makes them believe college is the only realistic way to become successful when there are in fact many prosperous people without a college degree, such as Steve Jobs, who started the very popular technology business, Apple. Ultimately, colleges put higher education on a pedestal, which in turn makes job requirements steeper. This raises the price of supposed “basic” education, while not increasing pay for jobs. With a focus on specialized education for low-paying jobs, and consequently less income with more debt, colleges cause long-term financial problems, showing a complete disregard for the actual well-being of the student and their future, which is why students should examine other possibilities to secure their
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