Argumentative Essay: Should Students Start Time In High School

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Schools should not shift their start time back to where they start their school later in the morning and end later in the day. If students are missing class or coming in late to school because they are tired, it’s their fault when their grades are dropping. In 2001 studies showed that school administrators cited extracurricular activities as a major reason why high school campuses would rather start earlier in the day ( Here are three reasons why this helps. The first reason is because of sports needing to practice outdoors have more daylight. Football practice starts after school at 3:30 and ends around 6 or 6:30. So if school started at 9 or 10 then practice would start at 4:30 or 5:30 and would end at 7 or 8 and the sun would be to going down so they wouldn’t have a lot time to eat, shower, do homework, and go to bed after `practice. Especially if they are kids that go to bed early. High school athletics are very important to many students. The impact of a change in start times can affect their ability to participate. Any delay in the start of school will most likely result in a later release time, which may reduce time available for practice and matches especially daylight hours. One result of later release times may be greater competition for field and gym space, which may result in the cancellation of…show more content…
Whenever they get a job in highschool, they will work after school during the weekdays if their work is at a store. So they’d be working until almost dark then there is nothing to do after work because there is no more daylight and the student might have to do homework or something. If a someone doesn’t like to wake up in the morning and they have work in the morning on the weekend, what would they tell their boss that they’re too tired so they can’t make work? Most likely they will get
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