Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Be Paid?

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Imagine going to a university and attending for four years and getting a bachelor’s degree in education. Then, after you graduate, you get a job at a local school, and get a new house. You then start getting your paychecks and realize you can barely afford the bills nor pay off your loans. You have no choice and need to get two, maybe even three jobs to make ends meet. You also begin to realize that people who did not even attend college, make more money than you. Then, you cannot take the stress and the exhaustion that you debate if you even still want to teach. Well, welcome to the life of a teacher.
So your first question might be, how much do teachers essentially make a year? Well, that actually depends on where the teacher lives and the type of school they are at. For example, a teacher living in Alaska, would make a lot more money than someone living in Mississippi or Oklahoma. However, according to Arne Duncan in his article “Teachers Should Be Paid a Lot More”, the average starting salary for a teacher is around $35,000 and topping out at an average of $65,000. I then want to begin with, how underappreciated teachers are. Being a
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Teachers are a gigantic part of a child's life, next to their parents of course. They start shaping a child's behavior and brain from around the age of 5 to the age of 18 (even longer if the child goes to college). Teachers teach more than how to read and write. They also teach right from wrong, how to socialize, and how to just be an overall better person. Teaching also creates all other professions. For example, say one teacher has twenty-five students in her class. Once they all graduate, they could become lawyers, doctors, presidents, and be amazing at it. Also, think about how much a professional football player makes. A giant amount right? Well, at one point in that football player’s life, he had a teacher that made him able to be where he is
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