Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Bear Arms?

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Should Teachers Bear Arms? Should teachers be allowed to bear arms in/on school grounds? Either way there is a giant debate on this subject, with many people saying teachers shouldn’t have guns, and another handful saying that teachers should be allowed to. There has been a lot of good and bad history with guns and people who shouldn't have guns. There has been some bad history with guns, (especially in the wrong hands). There was an incident at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, where a boy named “Adam Lanza” went into an elementary school and starting shooting at all the kids and staff at the school. When the first call to 911 was sent out it took police 3 minutes and 21 seconds for the first officers to get there. The gun rights are from…show more content…
Some people don’t think that we should have guns and some do. The main problem that people think that teachers shouldn’t have guns is the fact they would be promoting violence to the kids and they also think that some kids might be able to steal the guns from the teacher's desk and start shooting. But there is still the group who thinks having guns in school is a good idea. They think it is a good idea because if teachers have guns they can help defend the children by shooting back at the attacker. They can also make the argument saying that it makes parents feel safer to send their child to school knowing that they are safe. This is the reason why giving teachers guns is up in the air and not yet put into effect. There are different pros and cons to having guns in our schools. Some pros could be that it helps with protection, and a con could be that it can also be dangerous. But there is a lot of them, so with it being safer yet also more dangerous it is a standstill in that argument. Another pro to the list is that the children won’t be as afraid to go to school anymore as they were before. A con to that would be the fact that someone can still go into that school and start shooting, and the kids do still need to be aware of that. All of these reasons also affect the decision of putting this into effect. ”Arming Teachers and School Staff” National School Safety and
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