Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Get Paid More?

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Teachers Should Get Paid More

An average teacher in Arizona is paid less than half of what a lawyers salary is. If

teachers are the ones who had taught the lawyers, and helped them become who they

are and get a good job, then shouldn’t teachers be getting a higher salary for what they

do. Many people would love, and want to go into the teaching industry, but they know

that it does not pay well, and that they still will need to provide for them and or their

family, so most will go into a different profession, that will better fit their needs. This is

why teachers should get paid more, because they are the ones who teach us what we

know so we can go and get a job. Teachers are the ones who will teach our doctors and

lawyers, so why does
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Some people may

not agree that teachers should be paid more, Because they also get as much brakes as

children do, but teachers do deserve more money for all of the work and hours and

effort they put into teaching us.

Teachers should get paid more, because they are the ones who teach us what

we know so we can get a job, they are the ones that teach Our lawyers and doctors so

why do they get paid way less then than them.What is holding our government and our

school districts, from paying our teachers what they really deserve. They teach us

everything that we need to know to have a successful life. they do so much for us and

so much for our country and ourselves they deserve more Then they get from school

and from their paycheck. They deserve to have a well-paying job that helps them

support themselves and do extra things with their families. they should be able to go on

expensive vacations and relaxing weekends, their payroll is not enough to do all of this

stuff. So while they are in classrooms teaching us their payrolls should be extended to a

higher amount. What they
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