Argumentative Essay: Should Tennis Courts Be Built By High School

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Tennis Court Benefit Argument Essay

Tennis courts should be built by the high school because it will save on transportation cost and be beneficial in practice time. Some will say, “Why build tennis courts, they bring in no money,” but hopefully after this essay I’ll convince you why it is a good decision. Here is a list of arguments explaining the benefits of building new tennis courts. To start, nothing is being done with the space so why not build something. In the original blueprints there were courts to be built in the open space. Why aren’t they using the space then? Well, why do we even need to build anything? Because there is available space to build. People are more likely to join if the courts are at the school. In addition, how expensive will the tennis courts be? According to, the average tennis court costs between 40,000 and 100,000 dollars
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I would bet a paycheck that most of the people at the concessions are athletes that just came from practice. If some of these athletes have nothing to do after practice they might just go watch a tennis match because there is concessions. If this were to happen at most all of the matches, the school will make a decent amount of money. Finally, by building the courts next to the school the tennis team could practice longer. This could result in more wins which could result in a bigger audience, which results in more money for the school. There aren’t many cons in building new tennis courts. We just need the help of the public. You did it with the football field and I’m sure you can do it for a much cheaper tennis court. Please consider the arguments and decide for yourself. In conclusion, I hope my arguments highlighted the reasons as to why building tennis courts on school grounds would be beneficial to transportation and practice time and school income. By building the courts the school will make money and our athletics in general would
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