Argumentative Essay: Should The Government Use Background Checks?

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The government should make a law requiring a background check for people who want to buy a gun. Background checks keep guns out of unsafe hands. (FBI) "Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, is all about saving lives and protecting people from harm- by not letting guns fall into the wrong hands". The Federal Bureau of Investigation says to use background checks to be more safe. Background checks make sure it is safe to sell an unsafe object to the people. Additionally, every town for gun safety websites states, "Requiring a criminal background check for all gun sales is the single most effective policy for keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people and saving lives". Background checks are a great resource our state requires when …show more content…

If guns come in hands of an unsafe person a lot of bad situations can happen. "Two recent studies provide evidence that background checks can significantly curb gun violence. In one, researchers found that a 1995 Connecticut law requiring gun buyers to get permits was associated with a 40 percent decline in gun homicides and a 15 percent drop in suicides". Once the law in Connecticut has changed gun homicides and suicides will go down. Furthermore, "When researchers studied Missouri's 2007 repeal of its permit to purchase law, they found an associated increase in gun homicides by 23 percent, as well as a 16- percent increase in suicides". Missouri had a law where they had to check your history but then they removed it and gun homicides and suicides increased. Both gun homicides and suicides increased significantly. Background checks are a waste of time and pointless if you are a good person. The bad people can still get their guns threw a person who is good and has a good history. "NRA argues that most criminals don’t get their guns from stores, but on a black market. 'My problem with background checks is, youre never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks,' the NRAs LaPierre said at the February hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "Gun shows are not a source of crime guns, anyway. Its 1.7 percent". Some of the criminals get their guns from family members.

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