Argumentative Essay: Should The SAT Determine Your Future

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Should The SAT Determine Your Future Throughout the years there have been many questions regarding the reliability of the SAT. Should an aptitude test be such a large factor in college acceptance. I firmly believe The SAT should not be a factor in college admissions because it has proven to be biased , unreliable, and overall unjust.
The Scholastic Aptitude test, or SAT is no stranger to high school students across America. The test is divided into two sections of math and verbal language skills, a total of 138 questions with a point scale ranging from 200-800. The exam was formerly constructed in the 1920s to measure "American Inteligence", so that smart white males can be put into recognized institutions such as Harvard.Today the SAT is used in college admissions. Because of the time period,The Authors didn’t take account racial diversity. Not only is the SAT biased to non-white test takers, but also to the
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When has a Prediction ever been certain? Don’t sciencintist have to prove their hypothesizes before stating it’s a law? Mere speculation would not be sufficient to scientists, so why should an SAT score predicting preformance be utilized in college admissions? Students who are Substandard test takers but, achieve above satisfactory grades will never be given the oppertunity to prove the SATs predictions wrong if colleges will not accept them. Those who achieve low test scores could would very well out preform those who scored higher on the SAT,showing a large amount of unreliablility. Education is a right given to all Americans. What would you describe a right that is taken a way? Unjust, something that is not moraly right or fair. If a test is given to students that is proven to be biased, unreliable, and counted towards college admissions, that is ample amount of evidence to prove it to be
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