Argumentative Essay: Should The United States Have Nuclear Weapons?

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Many countries independently have a sufficient amount of nuclear bombs and missiles to end the entire human race on planet earth. The cold war began the race for countries to have large nuclear arsenals that has been going non stop. Nuclear weapons are largely for show, the only nuclear weapons ever used in combat were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki, which was 71 years ago (Mian). Countries should not have nuclear weapons
In addition nuclear weapons are extremely expensive, in 2014 the U.S. alone spent $26 million on nuclear weapons disarmament (Alvarez). Nuclear weapons are showed to be expensive and are almost never used for the sole reason they were created. Instead nuclear weapons are used to demonstrate power by size of a country 's arsenal (Mian). All current nuclear bombs age older and older, costing their country who is maintaining them very large sums of money, until, finally they are disarmed which
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(Alvarez). It is dangerous as well, anyone working around nuclear weapons could set a nuclear weapon off, or long term effects such as cancer from the nuclear weapons if the substance used to make nuclear weapons is not properly stored or maintained. This danger makes any job concerning nuclear weapons have a very high salary that costs the U.S. even more money. Most nuclear weapons are never used outside of testing, how ever there were two, (the only two ever used in combat) the nuclear bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. Is the fact that nuclear bombs are not ever used a bad thing from a civilian point of view? Maybe not, a nuclear bomb if deployed in a strategically correct location could kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and make the land unlivable for hundreds of years (Smetana). The world is spending billions on weapons that could kill hundreds of thousands of people, but never is actually deployed into
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