Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Free College?

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The controversial topic about higher education has been argued and debated all over capitol hill. Some people want there to be free college for a number of reasons, and, as always, some do not. There should not be free college because then there would be nothing special about getting into an institution that delivers higher education, secondly because if there was free college then people will only take advantage of it, and finally because if there was free college it would be on someone's agenda to make college mandatory. There all kinds of colleges who pride themselves on what their rate of acceptance. Some pride themselves of having a very low rate of acceptance and there are some who pride themselves on having a high rate of acceptance. Personally i would like to be accepted to a school with a low rate of acceptance so then I could have pide with my acceptance. With free college this won’t happen because then schools like the university of georgia would have to higher their rate of acceptance.…show more content…
Like if someone had the money they would be working off of someone else's hard work. Also then if there was free college then there would have to be higher taxes. Then if there were more taxes than people would be living on the streets. On average when people pay their taxes from the beginning of the year to the tax day that when people can usually have earned enough money that year to pay them. There are some lobbyists’ in congress who are trying to influence both the public and the congressmen to send a bill to the floor that is the doing of a left wing extremist with a lot of money. This bill would try to make higher education mandatory if the other bill, the one that makes state colleges free is passed. Why a higher education campus should not be free because if the person that wants to get into the college wants to get in they should have the georgia hope and other for other
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