Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Free Community Colleges?

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Some people think that community colleges should be free and others don't agree with this idea. Our topic is on should there be free community colleges for 2 years and we have to support it. People don't believe there should be free community college cause they wonder how will the kids get the money for college, and they figure out that it all comes from them. We understand that you don't want to pay for students go to college but there is 324 million people in the US and I bet by just raising the taxes a little for each person it would help the students a lot instead of being in debt from schooling. By 2020 35% of job openings will require a bachelor's degree and 30% will need college experience according to the White House progress report…show more content…
2.The college education would be more accessible than ever before and cheaper. 3. A better educated workforce could also benefit the nation as a whole. 4. if students are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to succeed in college, they would be rewarded with the two-year college degree at no cost. 5. schools have already started this program. In the past six months five communities created free two year college programs including statewide programs Oregon and Minnesota and many more that my partner will discuss. Many people in the areas they are doing free community college ,students are getting the education they deserved and worked hard for. It's important for people to agree with me and my partner because President of St. Thomas university, Franklin Casale said “college experience educates the whole individual, and helps to developed the person's values”. College is very expensive and it can sometimes be unaffordable for students. The cost of a four year college degree went up about five hundred percent since
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