Argumentative Essay: Should There Be More Gun Control?

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In 2013 an armed man went into a school and shot twenty-six little kids at Sandy-Oak Elementary. Not all of them died but many injured. Another time… A twelve year old boy, living in Mexico went to school one day. The boy pulled a shotgun out of his music instrument case and shot two students injuring them. Do you think there should be more gun control? Studies show there should be more gun control for many reasons. The first reason for stricter gun laws is that guns are not safe, and many accidents can occur. People are very irresponsible and will leave their guns out. Little kids will get ahold of them and a very bad accident could happen. Also, if you leave a gun out someone could steal and and commit a crime. Many crimes people make are, going to rob a store bringing a gun to either scare them…show more content…
The thing with that opinion that might be bad is that, someone completely safe not planning to harm anything or anyone could accidentally leave their gun out. If they leave their gun out a child not knowing what a gun is or knowing what it can do, the child can cause a big accident. Another reason for more gun control is most shootings are used with guns that were bought legally. In the years 1982 and 2012 had about sixty-two shootings and and roughly forty-nine of them were with legally bought guns. People can now buy assault rifles which they used in the war, but anyone can purchase them and shoot others. Therefore i have came to the conclusion that guns should have more gun control for all the reasons guns are not safe. Those reasons contain that we should not have guns are, little kids could get ahold of them. People can use guns as weapons which leads to assault and murder. Many robberies occur when the people are armed with legal guns. Guns lead to many people death with shootings and suicides. So that is the reason that the USA should have more gun
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