Argumentative Essay: Should Trophy Hunting Be Legalized?

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Is it possible that lions are in a bad home ? Could it be that more people to come and kill more lions. These lions are could be endangered species and could be very protective and kill the hunters before they lure them. Up to 64 percent lions have been lured and killed for trophy hunting and 600 lions has been killed for sports. To begin with, trophy hunting should not be legal because the animals should be protected. According to the article Africa’s Uneasy Neighbors, “Cecil was in a protected area in a national park in Zimbabwe and was lured.” The text goes to state that Cecil hunt wasn’t a fair hunt. In the text it states, “Waiting was a dentist from Minnesota who paid more than $50,000 for the chance to kill an African lion.” This evidence proves that trophy hunting is very bad and should be illegal.

Secondly, trophy hunting should not be legal because it is harmful to endangered species. According to Africa’s Uneasy Neighbors, “Africa has lost up to 60 percent wild animals in the past 40 years.” For another example, “Some guides illegally take hunters to into protected areas or lure the animals out as in a case of Cecil.” This evidence proves that trophy hunting
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According to the Junior Scholastic article, it states that, “Money contributes to conservation efforts- and trickles down into rural communities, funding jobs and infrastructure projects.” That point is true, but it’s not important because rules and laws are not always followed. According to Junior Scholastic article explains that, “A 2013 report found that as little a 3 percent of those funds actually make it to the locals.” There are benefits to allowing trophy hunting but the disadvantages are important because the animals, such as lions could go extinct. Not allowing trophy hunting means that there is a greater chance for survival of endangered species in
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