Argumentative Essay: Should Tuition Be Limited?

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Should Tuition Be Limited? Yes! Everyday around the United States there are debates about should students have free college tuition and not have to pay for it. Ateending college may be a smart idea but when you graduate its not fun and games when you realize you have to pay for a remaining balance. So questions yourself is it worth going to college, knowing tuition cost so much and will put you in a black whole. Many people say free college plans assume that the tuitiom prices are the main obstacle to students success, looking past problems of educational quality and college readiness. But everyone tells you, you should go to college. We don’t have to pay for public schools such as elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school are…show more content…
It would not be a problrm if college was free, many adults would really go. In 1877, Rutherford B. Hayes became the first president to make a strong case for universally available public education. “Univerisal SSuffrage should nt rest upon Universal Education” and adding that “Liberal and permanent provision should be made for the support of free schools”. Hayes was a republican but cared about the poor kids having “free stuff”. Back in the 1970s it was easy to earn money and pay for college tuition for a whole year, just by having a minimum wage job. Now with a minimum wage job you cant even pay for a semester of college without having financial aid. The United States always wonder why so many young people or even adults don’t attend college its not just because they don’t want to go they just cant afford the outcomes. In my opinion I think tuition should be free for all. Why? Because many people have big dreams but cannot affprd the outome of those big dreams, so they are sruck with a minimum wage job that only pays $7.25 an hour and nol higher. I feel like the poor and the middle class studnts should go to college for free and the upper class should have to pay folr tuiton because they can afford the
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