Argumentative Essay: Should United States Help Refugees?

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Should United States Help Refugees? Since the invasion of Iraq by the U.S. and its allies, a wide political disturbance has occurred in the Middle East. As a result, Iraq witnessed a strong resistance movement to occupation forces, and a terrible civil war. Also, since then, people of some other Arab countries such as Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria revolted against their corrupt and failed regimes. As expected, terrorists took advantage of this political environment. The violence and lack of state control agencies such as police, made those Middle Eastern countries risky and unsafe place for innocent people to live in. Most of us have seen the terrible killings in Iraq and elsewhere there, but the Syrian tragedy is considered the worst. Around…show more content…
She tells the readers about the sufferings of Tameem family during the civil war in Syria. Some of their relatives were killed and their house was destroyed. Due to lack of security and safety, the family motivated by Gazwhe, the mother, decides to leave their land. After long time they are able to enter Jordan. But since Jordan has plenty of restrictions due to shortage of resources, they decided to apply for an immigration visa in United States. After 2 years their application was approved where they knew nobody. Contrary to political debates on mass media, most of the people were welcoming and helpful to the Syrian family. Some Americans were afraid of strangers, because they don 't know them. They think they are risky. But when they got engaged with them through work and neighborhood, some of them changed their mind. Others insisted on their bias such as Gazwhe 's manager who once said "we 've let a lot of people in our country that want to harm us." Also, their neighbor had misgivings about the family which he changed when he knew them better by saying "they are not bringing anything but Children playing outside." At the end, the writer shows the parents playing happily on the beach. She is trying to convey a message that Syrians are humans like other people their main concern is living in peace and securing their

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