Argumentative Essay: Should We Be Considered An Adult?

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At Least 65% percent of 18 year olds don 't have jobs nor go to school. However, at age 18 you are supposed to be considered an “Adult” but are are you really mature or responsible? In my opinion we should not be considered an adult at 18 because, many people still have their parents buy them clothes, shoes, ect and they don 't do anything with their lives but go out and do drugs, Instead of going out and look for a job. Furthermore, we should be considered an adult when we can pay our own bills maintain a job and be independent.
In additionally, we should treated like an adult when we are mature and show that they are capable of being mature and responsible for things. In the article “ New york times” a young lady commented “ Being responsible for one’s own finances is a kind of thing that a 18 year old could handle because they’re probably out of the house, and (learning to) live in their own. Furthermore, when crimes are committed, people are still kids. We have to remember that. They don 't have all the knowledge, and they don 't know life as well as adults. Therefore, what i 'm
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Most of these “adults can 't rent vehicles and are not allowed to drink alcohol in bars. However, they can legally marry, some would say that they are too young for getting married. Not even a few suggest that they finish school first. In the article “ Brain Maturity extends well beyond teen year” cox states that “ when you reach the age of 18, you are booted out of foster care.” That law is not right. It 's wrong because 65% of these 18 year olds that are booted out of foster care don 't have a job nor have anywhere to go. Most of them go and live their lives in the streets. Making money by selling drugs or doing violence. Nevertheless, the point here is their rights are so limited, why declare them as adults in the first place? Rather than give them piecemeal, why not just treat them as adolescents? Rather than declaring q8 year olds as adults, many people suggest to move that
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