Argumentative Essay: Should We Have After School Sports?

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For a long time, schools have debated whether they should have after school sports. Studies have found that students who participate athletically find it easier to concentrate on their schoolwork. Therefore, schools should have sports because students who participate do better on tests, are less stressed, and make more friends.
One of the best reasons for supporting school sports is that students who participate in athletic activities get higher test scores than pupils who do not. In an article by Tim O’ Shei, it states, “When you’re stressed, your brain releases hormones that can interfere with your ability to sleep and concentrate” (12). O’Shei also states, “According to a 2013 report from the Institute of Medicine, physically active kids have more focus, are better problem solvers, and score higher on tests” (12,13). Students who spend part of their day playing sports understand that schools should not be all work and no play. District leaders should realize that by keeping sports in the school curriculum, they are helping scholars concentrate on their classwork, which results in higher scores on tests.
Although sports can help scholars get higher test scores, they can also relieve the stress that students face. In the same article by Tim O’ Shei it states, “Being a student
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In the same article written by Tim O’ Shei it states, “To be a good team player, you need to be reliable, hardworking, disciplined, and willing to share the glory” (12). O’Shei also says, “These skills will serve you in many areas of your life, from your relationships with your friends to your future jobs” (12). This information supports the idea that scholars who are involved in school sports can develop strong friendships with their teammates. Therefore, school sports don’t only help students cope with stress, they also teach young athletes the skills of being a good
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