Argumentative Essay: Should We Have Longer School Days?

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Everyone in America has to go to school at some point some point in their life. Most students in California attend school for 6 hours a day. In Adelanto, CA students learn math, science, language arts, history, PE, and an elective during the time. Some students are struggling academically with this schedule. I believe that students would get a higher chance of success if they have an 8 hour school. My claim is that we should have an 8 hour school day because if we do we'll have less homework and get to spend time with friends we only see at school. I found this information on a website called “”. This website consists of articles, they survey members of the staff and get their opinions on things. A longer school day will also enable kids able to do extracurricular activities that they don’t do, for example, theater. I got this information from a website called “” which says “Leathing the school day will give teachers more time to spend with students, to focus on trouble areas and difficult material.” Other people think we should not have school day because it takes away their family time. I saw this information at “”. consists of polls, they survey students if they would whether or not, have an 8 hour school day, only 33% say and 67% say no. If we have a longer school day…show more content…
I gained this information at which also says “Image how much stress it would be on all students and the poor teachers! What about them and how are we suppoed to pay for three hours, they already stay at school planning so will have no time left at all!” On a website called says that other people that extend the time of school isn’t going too give students more learning, it also says that “If the methods used currently aren’t working, spending more time using those same methods isn’t going to change
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