Argumentative Essay: Should We Really Buy A Gun?

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If they don’t pass the test to buy a gun, they still able to buy a gun from the black market. Since America has the right to sold gun, some of the evil people sale illegal gun to make benefits. If we banned gun, it helps reduce the chance of them to make mistake shoot people, save life, and take less risk to black-market. Gun wasn’t help protection in some case, it may lead to kill people by accident and another dangerous situation. Collier Charles W points out that gun for self-defense is a bad idea in his article. One of the example in his article were the parents who killed their own son in accidently. One night, an own fifteen-year-old boy, wearing a mask in the neighbor’s backyard for unknown reason. His parents think it was someone try to get into the house and going to hurt them, the thief. When he comes up to his parents, so trustingly, they shot their own son. Although the parents killed his son by accident, they still must to response what they did which they charge of murder. This isn’t the first case happen to…show more content…
The increasing of death rate and gun violence behaviors by increasing the number of gun sale. The innocent died of toddle killed by curious and their parents ‘careless. The mistake’s gunshot killing event by fear and unknown object. The real part of second amendment declare the right to own a weapon. These issues support that the important of banned gun. Gun wasn’t useful as what we thought. In some case, the gun making our life more serious and bad situation. If we choose to without gun, the society will be becoming more peaceful, and more safety. If you have a choose, you would to buy a gun to fear when I will kill people by accident or thinking when people going to hurt me, or you would choose to trust people without hurting others. Gun is a tool for protection or
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