Argumentative Essay: Should Women Be Paid Equal?

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A breaking record of 750 million people had tuned in on the Women’s World Cup in 2016. With all the people who had watched this event, women should be paid equally or more than men, but due to sexism from the administration, the women were not paid equally. Women had taken inequality very seriously since they were paid less than men. For this women should be paid equally to men because they made a difference in voting and history, this is the same sport being played, and women train equally or more than men for less injury. Women are not treated equally in general and to change that women should be paid equally to men. Women should be paid equally or more than men, this conflict between Women and FIFA is as old as the historical voting and…show more content…
Due to losing their chance,“[in] 1883”,women and men “went on strike, partly to ensure "equal pay for equal work" for its male and female employees (among other demands).”the strike didn’t turn out exactly how they thought but “it was a very early public demand for fair pay for women( Charlotte).”All the work of eventually paid off “[by] 1911, [when] significant progress had been made. New York teachers were finally granted equal pay to that of their male counterparts”,(Charlotte). The Women’s mission was and still is being achieved, but the problem is that it is still going on, as a society we need to make everyone hundred percent equal. As for the people who believe women don’t work hard so they shouldn’t be paid equally are wrong ,especially in the time period of WW1. During WW1 the men were gone defending our country so“ women were doing work that men would ordinarily do” eventually” the National War Labor Board decided they should be paid the same”. So the board deemed that “they must be

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