Argumentative Essay: Should Women Be Paid?

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Before my mother got remarried, she was a single mom. Being single and having a child is a struggle. She had to take on 3 jobs to take care of the two of us. She managed to give me a wonderful childhood, but being paid less than she deserved made it challenging to pay the bills and still have money for leisure. Women should not be paid less and forced to live like servants. Women should be paid equally to men so they don 't have endure extra labors and struggles in life. Being a woman alone in the world is scary, having kids and not being paid what you deserve on top of that is grueling. A study done by AAUW, a women 's research foundation, found that it takes a mother six extra months to make what a father makes in one year. This means a mother has to work hundreds of additional days to get to a man 's pay, as well as manage to take care of themselves and their family. However, not being a mother doesn 't mean you have an effortless life. IWPR, a womens research institute, discovered that on average, full time female workers only make 79% of a male 's earnings. That 's 21% less! Added up,…show more content…
Women and men deserve to be treated, and paid, equally. Sure, they are biologically different, and both genders have something they do better than the other, but this hasn 't stopped women from getting to the same level as men. Overall, one gender is not better than the other. We are one and the same. If women and men are doing the exact same job and have equal qualifications, then they shouldn 't be titled as inferior. No one should be said they are less purely because they are a different gender. Whether they are single mothers, hardworking students or competing athletes, they don 't deserve to be paid less than their opposite sex. Women should be paid equal to men. As Vera Nazarian said, “A woman is human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative or more responsible than man. Likewise, she is never less. Equality is a given. A
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