Argumentative Essay: Should Women Get Paid?

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The facts are simple, women should not get paid as much as men. The wage gap is the best thing going on in our country as of late. It truly shows how Americans value the citizens that live here. According to the data, women are earning about 73 to 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Although, the wage gap is always changing, for mothers, the gap is widened and only gets wider as you age. A far as ethnicity goes, if you are white you are in better shape than everyone else. The wage gap is a necessity for this country because men work harder, men are smarter, and men hold most of the jobs. The wage gap should always stay around because men work much harder than women do. Men are constantly working to “bring home the bacon”. It…show more content…
At 50.8 % of the U.S. population, women make up the majority. Along with that, women make up 47 % of the U.S. labor force and 59% of the college-educated entry-level workforce. So yes, men do account for the 53% percent of the labor force and is a majority. Clearly, those 6 percentiles should account for the 23 cents on the dollar that women make less. Also, on March 8th, 2017 some women didn’t go to work so that they could march on Washington and show the immense impact they have on society. Although, most women couldn't afford to take off from work because they are hourly wage earners and needed every 77 cents on the dollar they could get. The wage gap is not a problem in the United States. The fact that women get paid 23 cents for a every dollar a man makes is justifiable. One reason why the wage gap is okay is that men work harder than women do. Men work hard while women stay home and clean. Another reason is that men are more intelligent than women. The only reason why more women have master’s degrees is because they have more to learn. Finally, men should get paid more than women because more men participate in the labor force. Six percentile is clearly enough to make the 23 cent
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