Argumentative Essay: Space Travel

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Space travel is an exciting topic to discuss and the idea of exploring the universe in very intriguing. I know, personally, that if I was given the opportunity to go into space I would take it, and I’m sure many other people would too. Space exploration, while complicated and complex, seems to be an inevitable part of humanity’s future.

A company called “Space X” recently released a statement saying they are sending two individuals on a trip around the moon. I for one am super jealous that they get to go into space, then again I don’t have that kind of money, but I think this is a great thing Space X is starting. Like I said before, space exploration is not something we’re just going to brush under the rug, sooner or later we’ll have to go
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I’m sure that Space X and NASA take safety and security very seriously and I’m positive their teams are looking at every angle to make sure the trip is as safe as can be. But like Elon Musk said “there is so risk”. I begin to wonder, if this trip ends poorly, what kind of reputational damage would that do, not only to Space X, but to Space exploration itself. And even if this trip sail smoothly who 's to say one in the future won’t go wrong. It seems like there is a very possible chance of something going wrong. In the grand scheme, an unsuccessful return could alter the opinion on space travel for lifetimes to come.

Following this release of information, NASA announced a statement regarding the article. They basicly said support the direction Space X is heading and like that they are “reaching higher”. I found it reassuring that NASA supported this kind of operation because they must think it’s safe enough to carry out. I also like the idea of space programs working together and supporting one another to achieve the ultimate goal of “deep space exploration”.

As a whole, I think the idea of sending people into space on a around the moon trip is a great one. Not only will it bring attention to the withering space programs and future space exploration, it will allow more people to connect with our universe. As long as safety procedures are followed, and there is a very low likelihood of failure, I think Space X will
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