Argumentative Essay: Stand Up For No Homework

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Stand Up for No Homework
Ever notice that students are extremely tired during the day and severely lacking energy? This can be caused by students not getting enough sleep, or time to exercise and do other activities after school. Students have to stay home and do homework all night, and even stay up late to finish. Because of this, students are not getting the recommended amount of sleep per night and missing out on other activities. A problem that society needs to take a stand for is homework because it creates extreme stress and depression, makes students stay up too late, and causes them to miss out on their social and family life.
It has been proven that homework dramatically increases the amount of stress in children. Denise Pope, an education scholar has found that excessive amounts of homework limits the balance between school and extracurricular activities in students, and can even cause health problems such as headaches, weight loss, depression, and sleep deprivation. All of these lead to raised stress levels. He also found that having lots of homework did not affect the test scores, even in advanced classes. “You can have a rigorous course and not have a crazy homework load.” Pope said. If students did not have homework after school, they would be able to hang out with their friends and go to bed earlier to lower their levels of stress.
Homework causes students to stay up too late, which can be unhealthy when it disturbs their sleep schedule. This then impacts students energy
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