Argumentative Essay: Student Loan Debt

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A problem today that the world is facing are college loan debts. As of June 8th, 2015, there is more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. Students go to highschool to get a diploma, and then to be eventually accepted into a college. College is supposed to provide education for students so they can prosper and ultimately start a career in the topic of their study. When they go to start the path of finding a career, they find instead piles of debt from their education.
So many student borrowers are falling further and further behind in their payments, postponing purchases of cars and places to live, or putting their social lives on a shelve. Jason Delisle, who wrote the New America paper, “blames skyrocketing graduate school debt on changes to federal loan programs that essentially allow grad students unlimited borrowing. The more students can borrow, the more schools can charge.” Americans almost universally believe that a college degree is the key to success and getting ahead—and the data shows that, generally speaking, college graduates still fare far better financially than those with just a high school diploma. But for those who are saddled
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Even many high school students are not required to take a finance course. To say that student loan debts are not the problem, but instead the way it is managed, is not a fair statement. Students think about the long run in college. The classes they need to take to get a degree in the topic they are studying. A student who plans to major in marine biology will most likely not think about the whole stretch. Financial planning is not on their road to a degree, so they do not think about it. This happens to more students than can be imagined. Students need to be taught that their future is not based solely on the degree they earn, but also on how they budget. It will change their
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