Argumentative Essay: The 4th Amendment

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To start off with the most important thing about the 4th amendment is that we the people should for safe to go in public and not be afraid to be searched unless the police have probable cause, and reasonable suspicion. The first question i'll be addressing is what fundamental should a American have in the 4th Amendment. Katz v Ohio is a perfect example of what fundamental should a American have in the 4th Amendment, Katz was convicted under an 8-count indictment. I believe the government went too far by attaching a device to hear his conversations, that's invading personal privacy with a non probable cause. The next reason i'll be presenting is writs of assistance. Having a sheriff or official go out and perform a job may be going too far depending on the reasonable suspicion. The government must have a valid and proven…show more content…
Uses of drones is one of the biggest reasons of new technology affecting the 4th amendment. Uses of drones is allowing that person to fly this piece of technology and see what somebody is doing. This is invading privacy, you're basically searching someone by watching them and seeing what's going on, and you have no warrant to do so. Drones need to be modified I believe. The next reason is the Apple and FBI disputes. Disputes go on due to the terror attack by the FBI forcing apple to unlock phones. The FBI is going to far when doing this, Apple makes phones secure and safe. The FBI should not be able to unlock somebody's Iphone this may cause problems just like it did in the terror attack killing 14 people. Last and final reason is the US vs Jones. The US installed a Global Positioning System on Jones's car. I believe they went too far by doing this, the government shouldn't be allowed to put a system on somebody's car and track them. The only way they should be able too is probable suspicion or if they had an issued

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