Argumentative Essay: The Age Of Majority

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Brittany Scarbrough
DE English 101-Tioga High School
30 November 2015
Argumentative Essay
The Age of Majority
Are you an adult when you are no longer living under your guardians roof or is it when you pay your first bill? Are you automatically an adult when you turn eighteen years old, twenty-one years old, or is there no magical number that makes you an adult? Many believe that magic number exist, but I ask those people is a teenage mother who lives on her own any less of an adult than the twenty-four year old that lives with his mother? Is adulthood a case by case scenario? The age of majority is when a person is considered to be a legal adult in his or her country. The age of majority is often confused with legal drinking age, sexual
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In the Jewish culture a little boy becomes a man at the mere age of 13 when he celebrates his Bar Mitzvah. At the age of 13, children become obligated to observe the commandments.Under Jewish Law, children are not obligated to observe the commandments, although they are encouraged to do so as much as possible to learn the obligations they will have as adults. In the Jewish Culture an age defines when a child takes their first step into adulthood. The jewish culture is not the only culture that claims that a child is declared an adult by a certain age. Islamic cultures believe when a child reaches puberty they are considered an adult.When a boy hits the age of puberty and is rational minded, he is considered an adult. When a girl gets her first menstrual cycle and she is rational minded, her deeds and misdeeds start to accumulate. She may be only nine or eleven years old but she is an adult by law.Both the Jewish and Islamic culture believes a child becomes an adult at a certain age.

As you can see many cultures have many different ways to mark adulthood, but there is common thread in all of these things. The similarity in all of these coming to age rituals is that not only does the parent have to be willing to let their child go but the child has to be willing to no longer be a child. Adulthood varies from culture to culture so why would adulthood not vary from person to person? Some individuals want
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