Argumentative Essay: The American Red Cross

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Every day in society, we see advertising. They rest on posters, TVs, boards, and just about everywhere. Many critics are annoyed with them and claim they are propaganda and manipulation to buy worthless products. However when thought about, they affect us in more than just that. Advertisements, while painfully annoying, actually help and contribute to promoting prosperity when they pay for our media, educate us on what’s happening around the world, and can even promote physical well-being. Conversely, not all advertisements are “you should buy this flashy outfit on sale” type of persuasion. Don’t forget advertisements of noble works. The American Red Cross is a noble cause, who merely wish to save the lives of others. The poster says in the first sentence, “When we give blood, we help save lives, often the lives of people we might never even meet.” They may want to give blood, but where can they obtain that blood? By promising blood donation, American Red Cross is promoting medical prosperity, and that is extremely important to promote if it’s key to better health conditions for everyone, just as it is important to promote the well-being of the people as seen by this advertisement.…show more content…
Yes, even those promote a happier society. Without advertisements, our society wouldn’t even possess the media these advertisements use. TV shows, radio stations, and any media are paid enough to remain on television through these advertisements. In “Information or Manipulation?” by Berkley Heights, Advertising pays companies of magazines and books as well. Moreover, advertisements pay for what we view on the internet. Next time, instead of desperately searching for the “skip ad” button, acknowledge that those 30 seconds of “boring and worthless advertising” is what supports the entertainment that everybody
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