Argumentative Essay: The Apple's Macintosh And The Windows PC

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Argumentative Essay
Nowadays, computers are found in many stores, every market, every home you can easily find a computer which is made by several companies. Many of the companies we know, such as Acer, Dell Toshiba are easily available in many stores. These are programmed with Windows and have programs from Microsoft. Another company called Apple, Makes Computers called Macintosh or Mac for short. There is a competition in the market with The Apple’s Macintosh and The Windows PC. People use these two computers for several different reasons. Many use Apple’s Macintosh for business or education purposes while the Windows PC is being used in everything from education to gaming or programing etc. Apple needs to stop creating their computers and focus on their product and its future. The Mac isn’t supported by many consumers or many online programs, but The PC has many consumers and has lots of online programs.
Speed is one thing that many consumers look for when they are buying computers. The average speed of a PC is around 2.0 GHz(Gigahertz) which is around the same as a Mac, but if you’re buying a Laptop, you might get around 2.0 GHz but If you buy a Desktop PC than you might have at the least 3.0 GHz of Speed which is way faster than the Mac. Speed is important since more and more people are using computers even children have started using computers. When Children use Computers they want to play the latest games so they can find the Best PC that can handle their high end

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