Argumentative Essay: The Banning Of Banned Books

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What I think is the truth Have you ever wondered why the world has so many banned books? There was a time that the world would not lie but that time is gone, we live in a world full of lies that are so secret that the world goes through so much just to hide that one secret. The world tells you lies and books are sometimes the only way to know the truth, yet they are gone . It might just be a person against the book but sometimes it's much more than that. I'm just someone that believes there is more than meets the eye and that people can toy with you and lie to you like you are a puppet for their entertainment. Banning is never what it seems to be. In the banning of a book can be a person just believes there are things that kids shouldn't read. But they don't understand anything about our world. Banning a book that can help many lives just because of one thing isn't right. Kids should be able to read the book and maybe then they will see what a human can do and think what they can do.Kids aren't always going to be this pure little person since they will find out and grow up. We can keep them from the wrong path but can we stop them from growing up?” Kids should be able to read this type of book” what do…show more content…
It makes me think that what is the world is the child that books hold and they hide a fearful secret that can't be told or found out and the government is our father that keeps ur from what they think is harmful or too important. It doesn't seem fair to us when we live in this world full of lies and fear.this world turns and goes by but all its lies are turned into stories that parents and adults know has to be religion wise or something that will change their beloved kid. Truth is the world is building us and the kids are the next generation of lies. The banning of a book can be small but once found out from a superior can turn into a fight for a
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