Argumentative Essay: The Battle Against Apple Mac

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The battle against Apple Mac and any other generic personal computer – or PC – has been ongoing for ages. Mac users dislike PC users and vice versa. I would know – years ago, I was a faithful PC user while my husband, then boyfriend, was a Mac user. We had constant friendly debates and arguments on whose device was better. I would argue my point, and he would argue his. After several years of my commitment to Windows, my husband gifted me an Apple MacBook– a total change from my HP pavilion notebook. After many years of living under the PC rock, I was so glad he had introduced me to Apple. After many doubts and the dreadful moment of admitting that I was wrong, I came to realize that Mac is possibly the best option between Windows PC devices…show more content…
To start, Windows PC only makes its operating system and other manufacturers like HP, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, and Gateway make up the computer design. PCs are guided by multiple visions, while Mac is guided by a single vision – making an Apple product the better option. To include, since PC devices are made up by other manufactures their products are usually made out of plastic and cheap hardware. Correspondingly, Apple has a superior hardware and its products are made of durable aluminum. Apple introduced the retina display and continues to have a better display that most PCs. The inside of a Mac definitely matches the outer slick and modern elegance look. Moreover, I do understand why most PC users aren’t sold with the idea of switching to an Apple product. One main reason why users are scared of items produced by Mac is the price – and I’d have to agree, the price is a scary aspect to face. The starting price for a MacBook is around $1000 – that’s a lot of money to fork out on a computer, but it’s worth it. I mentioned before, Windows is produced by other manufacturers, therefore, leading to cheap products – making the outcome more expensive in the long

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