Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Assisted Suicide

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Dying is not a person’s first choice of thinking. When people think of assisted suicide, they think it is wrong for a person to take their life. Some people think killing themselves is wrong because we were made to take care of our bodies and not harm it. Assisted suicide is necessary because a suffering person should not continue to suffer even though they know they will not make it in the end. Assisted suicide is necessary to some patients because it can make the pain go away when the patient knows they are going to die in the end, but there can be negatives to assisted suicide. A grown man or woman is allowed to make their own choices. If a person is allowed to change their gender or have an abortion, a person should be able to decide…show more content…
A negative of assisted suicide is that not only can it affect the patient, but it can affect the people around them who do not support their plan. A family member of the patient can become depressed if their family member chooses to end their life. It can ruin relationships between the patient and the family. It can make the patient’s journey difficult if the family refuses, and it can corrupt the practice of medicine by using medicine in a harmful way to people (Anderson). Assisted Suicide can attract vulnerable patients, bullied by rogue doctors, grasping relatives, miserly insurers, or cash- strapped state (“The Right to Die”). The negatives of assisted suicide can be harmful to the patient if it is not handled correctly. When a patient knows when they are going to die from an illness, they should be given the choice to take their lives to end their suffering. Wanting to take their own life is a challenging decision. A patient should be given this choice because it can keep them from always having to wonder everyday if this would be the day they die. They would not want to be by themselves if it happens randomly. They should not be living their life in suffering. Assisted suicide is brought up in many places and it should be legal only if the person is in the right state to end their own
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