Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Football

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Football surrounded me during my entire childhood. My father played football for Colorado State University when I was born. Then, he received the opportunity to play professionally for seven more years in the NFL. As a kid, my family cheered our dad at the games in the massive stadiums with thousands of other fans. 4th grade was the year when it was my chance to play just like my dad. I signed up for full-contact football, which requires all pads worn during the very physical game. As a 4th grader, this was more than I expected; needless to say, the first practice was very rough. My coaches were constantly roaring at us with the expectation that we already knew how to play. They didn’t take into consideration that for some of us, including…show more content…
In today’s economy, the only opportunity some kids have to attend to college is through football. The earlier they start, the more time they will have to develop their skills, increasing the chances they have of getting a free education. Even though there are alternatives like flag football, some parents argue that it doesn’t give the children the same mentality necessary for “real” football. To be successful, an athlete needs a chip on their shoulder that flag football doesn’t give their children. Understandably, these parents are looking out for their children’s future, but the child’s safety should be prioritized. Another argument is that children engage in dangerous behaviors every day; if football is banned, then so should biking and other exercises. Football isn’t the only risky activity that kids do: they run, climb, and jump off anything in which they can hit their heads. So why shouldn’t they play football? Also, some argue that a child can heal much better than an adult so when they do injure themselves, they will heal completely. The research is still inconclusive due to how little we know about the brain, so this reasoning has valuable intentions, but no solid
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