Argumentative Essay: The Big Bad Wolf

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Do you think that wolves deserve to be shot and killed on spot when they come anywhere near a ranch or farm? Wolves can sometimes be thought of to always be the bad guy. Even in story tales, it is always “The Big Bad Wolf” where they blow down houses and eat a little girl’s grandma. Wolves are sat up to be bad guys, even when they aren’t even harming anyone or anything around them. The debate on protecting livestock or wolves has been an ongoing issue for a very long time. Why can’t they make an agreement and help each other out to reach what they are both fighting for?
Wolves are widely known to be predators of livestock on farms and ranches, which then lead farmers and ranchers to step in and protect their livestock. Many farmers and ranchers end up shooting and killing the wolves before they can even do any harm to the livestock. Ranchers should be able to protect their live property against the wolves, but only if the wolves are being violent or they kill a certain percentage of their livestock. Many times the farmers or ranchers shoot and kill the wolves before there is even a threat shown from the wolf to
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“Hunters have already exterminated more than a third of the 1,600 wolves that were thought to live in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho in 2012, when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ended endangered species protection for gray wolves there”(Conniff). The environmentalists are more worried about the wolves going extinct. Wolves repopulate very quickly. Killing the wolves is only causing a fight between the environmentalists and farmers/ranchers. Environmentalists strongly believe that shooting wolves on sight is not justifiable because they are listed as endangered under state-law. Environmentalists do not want to see these wolves go into
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