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Back from what seemed like a long Summer hiatus The Blacklist appeared to be in full form in Thursday night's premiere episode. Oh how we have missed Red's anecdotes and quit wits, Liz asking questions and never getting an answer, Ressler and his unrelenting quest to uphold the law, and, of course, Aram. I'm glad the show is back and while it's too early to start talking ratings and renewals I believe, based on what we saw Thursday night, that there will be no question what's in store for The Blacklist beyond this season.

The episode begins immediately after the events of the season two finale. If you recall from that episode, Liz ends up being framed for the murder of a U.S. Senator and murders Attorney General Tom Connolly. On the run from Ressler and the FBI, Red swoops in to save her and they drive off as the season came to its dramatic finish. Now, the FBI has located Liz and Red's van and is hot on their trail, but knowing Red, he has a few more tricks to shake them off. The remainder of the cold open is what we have come to expect from Red and his ability to stave off imprisonment. What we now know deep down is that Red is most likely doing all of this more for Liz's benefit than for his own.
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Now, we find Cooper has been jailed for his alleged involvement in Liz's affairs that day. With Cooper incarcerated, Ressler is given charge of the FBI task force tasked with locating the two fugitives, Red and Liz. Watching the two on the run was fun for as long as it lasted. My favorite moments of the two previous seasons were when Liz and Red had scenes together and this episode gifted us with a scene an episode

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