Argumentative Essay: The Bob Parsons Case

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Reports the Arizona Republic, the son of GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is charged for a stint in prison for a July domestic assault on his girlfriend. Robert Sean Parsons was 44 years old when he was sentenced on Friday to 4 months in prison and 3 years' ordeal for the incident at his Scottsdale home, though complying with terms of his ordeal could decrease prison time by 3 months, in which he confessed to grasping the woman's throat, suffocating her, and punching her after she faced him about texts from other women. She was admitted to the hospital twice. The Maricopa County said; "We believe that the sentence is appropriate to send a message to the defendant, there are outcomes for his actions. It is time for him to take charge and have a wake-up call."…show more content…
Bob Parsons in a note to the court stated that his boy's actions since the incident, which involved drug rehab, were the first time he'd witnessed him take "the bull by the
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